15 Years On: ICHORA (International Conference on the History of Records and Archives) Returns (May 28-30, 2018)

Archivist and educator Terry Cook at iCHORA 1, courtesy of The Internet Archive

Next week in Melbourne, the 8th edition of the biennial iCHORA (iCHORA 8) will begin at Monash University’s Caulfield campus. Over 30 presenters are scheduled to speak on a range of timely and timeless subjects related to the history of archives and records (iCHORA 8 Program). The theme this year centers on the challenges of global climate change, though it is clear from a perusal of the paper titles that ‘climate change’ can also be a protean metaphor outside of discussions about the physical environment.

Since iCHORA was first held in Toronto in 2003, the conference has contributed greatly to the literature of archival history. As Terry Cook wrote in 2009 in a richly documented thought piece he began for that very first iCHORA, “More than a hundred papers delivered at these conferences, as well as other articles and collections, demonstrate convincingly, in many times, places, and cultures, that archives (plural) are historically contingent, reflecting the power and authority, biases and prejudices, technologies and ideologies of their contemporary societies.” [1]

Archival educators Barbara Craig and James O’Toole at iCHORA 1, courtesy of The Internet Archive

In fact, counting next week’s iCHORA 8, over 200 presenters will have enriched the conversation about archival history over the past fifteen years. These have included former Chairs of the Archival History Section, namely Ben Alexander (iCHORA 4), Jeannette Bastian (iCHORA 1, 2, 4, 7), Phil Eppard (iCHORA 6), Melissa Gotwald (iCHORA 3), current Chair Kelly Kolar (iCHORA 6), and Eliot Wilczek (iCHORA 1).

This year’s iCHORA will feature at least eight presenters returning to the conference for at least a second time, here in alphabetical order: Daniel German (iCHORA 3), Charles Jeurgens (iCHORA 7), Randall C. Jimerson (iCHORA 1, 2), Shadrack Katuu (iCHORA 1), Heather MacNeil (iCHORA 2, 5), Ricardo L. Punzalan (iCHORA 2, 4), Michael Riordan (iCHORA 5, 6), and Kirsten Wright (iCHORA 4).

Eric Ketelaar at iCHORA 1, courtesy of The Internet Archive

The following iCHORA Directory represents an attempt to list all of the presenters named in past and current iCHORA programs (iCHORA 1-8) and the topical or chronological areas covered by their conference presentations. Many of the past iCHORA programs are preserved in The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, from their originally hosted websites:

iCHORA 1, from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 2, from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 3, from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 4, from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 5 (transcript), from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 6, from The Internet Archive

iCHORA 7, from The Internet Archive

Name of Presenters and Keynote Speakers (Number refers to the # of iCHORA)
Topic Areas
Adami, Tom A. (2)
International criminal courts
Adams, Melissa (7)
Indigenous history, Canada
Alexander, Ben (4)
Yaddo Artists’ Colony, New York State
Aloufi, Zohar (2)
British Mandate-Israel
Ando, Masahito (2, 4)
Japan, World War II, Okinawa archives’ return
Armstrong-Ingram, R. Jackson (1)
Social history, United States, Ottoman Empire, 19th century
Attfield, Simon J. (5)
Email history, 20th century
Baderoon, Gabeba (4)
Muslim burial practices, South Africa
Baltessen, Jody (1)
Personal archives
Baron, Jason R. (5)
Email history, 20th century
Bastian, Jeannette A. (1, 2, 4, 7)
U.S. Homestead Strike (1892), memory, 19th century, Colonial, Virgin Islands carnival, archival theory
Battley, Belinda (8)
Australia’s series system
Beattie, Heather (3)
Women’s diaries, Manitoba, Canada, 19th-20th centuries
Belton, Tom (3, 5)
Australia, anthropological field notes, Canadian universities’ records
Benoit, Edward (6)
Digital collection in science fiction writing
Berlin, Charite (5)
Hospital records, psychiatry
Biddle, Terehia (4)
New Zealand, indigenous history
Blum, Ralf (5)
Germany, state security archives
Bonfiglio-Dosio, Giorgetta (1)
Municipal (city) archives, Padua, Italy, 13th-20th centuries
Bonilla, Diego Navarro (1)
Private archives, modern Europe
Botticelli, Peter (6)
Environmental archives, United States
Briston, Heather (5)
Institutional records, technology
Brothman, Brien (2)
Petrarch, Italian Renaissance
Brown, Helen (1)
School records
Bryden, Deirdre (5)
Canada, technology
Buchanan, Rachel (4)
New Zealand colonialism
Butler, Beverley (4)
Callery, Bernadette (1)
Museum records
Cachola, Ellen-Rae (6)
Philippines, museums
Caraffa, Costanza (7)
Photography, art archives
Carter, Rodney (3)
Photography, personal archives
Charlton, Susan (4)
Indigenous history, Australia, 20th century
Cheng, Yui-tat (5)
British colonialism, Hong Kong, telegraphy
Cook, Michael (5)
Damp-press copying
Cook, Terry (1, 2)
Global archives, Canadian practices
Cossham, Amanda (8)
New Zealand, local government heritage
Couchman, Sophie (4)
Chinese-Australian photographs
Cox, Richard J. (1, 2)
Archival theories, Lester J. Cappon as scholar, Colonial Williamsburg
Craig, Barbara (5)
Bureaucracies, office records, Britain, 20th century
Crookham, Alan (8)
National Gallery of Art (London, United Kingdom)
Cumer, Brian (6)
Archaeological recordkeeping
Currall, James (5)
Tudor England
Dean, Heather (3, 5)
English correspondence, Furniture for archives, 18th-19th centuries
Dekker, Annet (8)
Online archiving
Delva, Melanie (7)
Indigenous history, Canada
Demb, Sarah (6)
Museum accession records
Desolei, Andrea (7)
Italy, Napoleon, 18th-19th centuries
Devriese, Didier (1)
Epistemology of archives
Diaz, Rosana de Andres (5)
Spain, traffic records, 20th century
Douglas, Jennifer (3, 7)
England, women, 15th century, archives of grief
Duval, Jacinthe (4)
Catholic Canada
Dykstra, Natalie A. (3)
Private archives, autobiography, 19th century
Eckert, Astrid M. (2)
Germany, 20th century
Eppard, Philip B. (6)
Archival history
Evans, Joanne (8)
Australia’s series system
Faulkhead, Shannon (6)
Indigenous history
Feliciati, Pierluigi (1)
Government archives, Parma, Italy
Ferguson, Sandra (1)
Picture postcards
Filippini, Orietta (1)
Vatican archives, 17th century
Flinn, Andrew (4)
Community archives
Frame, William (3)
Britain, British Library collecting policy
Frings-Hessami, Viviane (8)
Khmer Rouge
Furner, Jonathan (7)
Data models for archives
Gagnard, Axelle (6)
Spain, World War II, 20th century
Gardini, Stefano (7)
Genoa, government archives, early modern Europe
Garvey, Ellen Gruber (3)
German, Daniel (3, 8)
Private papers in public archives, Canada, National security and intelligence agencies
Gialdini, Anna (7)
Sicily, bindings, 15th century
Gilliland, Anne (5, 7)
Metadata, digital archives, Yugoslavia
Golfo-Barcelona, Mary Grace (8)
Laser scanning, natural diasters, sacred landscapes
Gottwald, Melissa (3)
Autograph albums, social interaction
Gracy, Karen (6)
Motion picture archives
Guercio, Mariella (1)
Recordkeeping systems
Guidi, Andra (7)
Florence, military records, Renaissance
Gumbala, Jo (4)
Northern Australia archives, indigenous history
Hansen, Else (5)
Denmark, state archives
Hansen, Lars-Erik (6)
Online archiving
Heath, Christian (5)
Helton, Laura (6)
African-American history
Hering, Katharina (6)
Genealogical history
Hess, Volker (5)
Hospital records, psychiatry
Ho, Cynthia (8)
Community archives, Hong Kong
Hollinger, Richard (1)
Email history, 20th century
Holmes, Donna (2)
India, British and Dutch colonialism
Horsman, Peter (1, 3, 7)
Bureaucratic records, France, Netherlands, family archives, Rwanda, reconciliation
Hughes, J. Patrick (1)
Red tape, U.S. Army
Ilerbaig, Juan (7)
Archival theory
Jackson, Pat (2)
British colonies, Kiribati (Pacific)
Jaehnig, Kenton (3)
Ethical and legal issues in processing
Janes, Andrew (5)
Jedlitschka, Karsten (5)
Germany, state security archives
Jimerson, Randall C. (1, 2, 8)
Early American history, Jameson-Leland collaboration, proto-professionalism, ‘gentleman historians’
Johnson, Valerie (5, 7)
Telephony, digital archives, William Shakespeare
Johnston, Jesse (8)
Email regulation in United States
Jones, Mike (8)
Archives in museums
Jonker, Agnes (3)
Jeurgens, Charles (7, 8)
Netherlands, Dutch East Indies records, 19th century
Katona, Csaba (4)
Katuu, Shadrack (1, 8)
Indigenous history, health information, South Africa
Ketelaar, Eric (1, 2, 3, 7)
Communication theory, Yugoslavia war crimes, early modern genealogy, archival consciousness
Kolar, Kelly A. (6)
Russia, 20th century, Soviet
Krebs, Ally (6)
Indigenous history
Konsa, Kurmo (5)
Bureaucratic records
Lainey, Jonathan (4, 7)
Indigenous history, Canadian natives’ wampum
Lam, Pok Fu (8)
Community archives, Hong Kong
Lapp, Jessica (8)
Women’s archival history
Laurent, Nicola (8)
Australia, home care records, natural disasters
Ledebur, Sophie (5)
Hospital records, psychiatry
Lehane, Richard (3)
Sites of creation
Lewe, Agnes (2)
German-Dutch villages, 20th century
Light, Michelle (1)
Religious history, 13th century
Lihoma, Paul (7)
Malawi, oral history
Lindbach, Harald (4)
Norway, Minorities in archives
Links, Petra (7)
Rwanda, reconciliation
Lowry, James (8)
Displaced archives
Luff, Paul (5)
Lustig, Jason (6)
Israel, Jewish archives, 20th century
MacNeil, Heather (2, 5, 8)
England, legal history, 11th-17th centuries, office records, museums
Magee, Karl (3)
Private archives, diaries
Maliniemi, Kaisa (4)
Norway, Minorities in archives
Manoff, Marlene (7)
Mant, Julia (4)
Northern Australia archives, indigenous history
Marshall, Amy (3)
Conceptual artists
Martens, Christophe (7)
Belgium, World War I
McCausland, Sigrid (5)
Reading rooms’ history
McKemmish, Susan (8)
Climate change, 21st century challenges
Mclean, Ian (4)
Australian art and Aborginial art
Meehan, Jennifer (3, 5)
Original order, furniture for archives, 19th century
Melik, Rachel (3)
Slovenia, personal archives
Millar, Laura (1, 2)
Recordkeeping as history, indigenous archives, British Columbia
Mills, Rachel J. (3)
Mennonites in Russia and Canada, religious letters, 19th century
Morton, Anne (2)
Hudson’s Bay Company, Canada
Moss, Michael (5)
Tudor England
Mullins, Elizabeth (7)
Ireland, religious history, 20th century
Mulvaney, Kevin (4)
northern Australia archives, indigenous history
Nesmith, Tom (1, 2)
Re-opening archives, social provenance
Netshakhuma, Nkholedzeni Sidney (8)
African National Congress, repatriation
Neugebauer, Susanne (6)
Personal archives
Newman, Martin (5)
England, monuments
Nezami, Gholamhossein (7)
Iran, national archives, 20th century
Nordberg, Erik (6)
Business records history
Nugraha, Aditya (4)
Indonesian archives
Oliver, Gillian C. (5)
Bureaucratic records
O’Neill, Cate (8)
Child endowment records, Australia, natural disasters
Otaola, Luis Casado de (5)
Spain, traffic records, 20th century
O’Toole, James (3)
Published letters
Palmer, Susan (1, 3)
Paper office (British), 18th-19th centuries, Sir John Soane
Piggott, Michael (1)
Diaries, Australia
Procter, Margaret (2)
U.S.-British collaboration
Punzalan, Ricardo L. (2, 4, 8)
Spanish colonies, Philippines, leprosy, email regulation in United States
Raines, Dorit (5)
Venice, 15th-18th centuries
Rekrut, Ala (1)
Riter, Robert (6)
Historical documentary editing
Riordan, Michael (5, 6, 8)
England, 17th-19th centuries, Oxford archives, Public Record Office
Roberts, John (4)
New Zealand, indigenous history
Robertson, Megan (6)
Sound and noise archives
Rolan, Greg (8)
Australia’s series system
Roy, Alain (8)
Britain and Canada, state making, 19th century
Sassoon, Joanna (1)
Australia, convict records
Schmitz, Dawn (6)
Investigative reporting, 20th century
Seles, Anthea (2)
Vatican archives, 20th century
Shepherd, Elizabeth (7)
England, women, 20th century
Siegert, Bernhard (2)
Spain, 16th century
Silvestri, Alessandro (7)
Sicily, bindings, 15th century
Simmons, Deidre (1)
Hudson’s Bay Company, Canada
Sinclair, Bethany (5)
Commonplace books, European middle ages
Spencer, Amanda (5)
United Kingdom, internet history
Steenshorne, Jennifer (3)
Documentary editing, John Jay Papers
Stevens, Ashley (6)
South Carolina, state archives
Sucha-xaya, Naya (7)
Suderman, Jim (5)
Canadian universities’ records
Sundquist, Anneli (6)
Online archiving
Szatucsek, Zoltan (4)
Tam, Sarah (8)
Community archives, Hong Kong
Taylor, Karina (4)
Pacific island history
Thieberger, Nicholas (4)
Pacific island history
Thomassen, Theo (7)
Netherlands, 16th-18th centuries
Thorpe, Kirsten (6)
Indigenous history
Une, Etsuko (4)
Okinawa archives return
Urton, Gary (5)
Peru, quipu as archives
Vaughan, Sian (7)
Artists’ archives
Vitali, Stefano (1)
Physical architecture of archives, Florence
Waerden, Ellen van der (7)
Military reports, World War II
Wallace, David (8)
Email regulation in United States
Welch, Margaret (3)
Henry W. Longfellow’s family library
Welland, Sarah (8)
New Zealand, local government heritage
Wisniewska, Magdalena (7)
Poland, community archives
White, Kelvin (4)
African heritage in Mexico
Whorley, Tywanna (4)
African-American female prison records
Wilczek, Eliot (1)
U.S. Army records, World War I
Wilkinson, Helen C. (6)
Britain, 20th century
Wolfe, Mark (2)
Local knowledge theory
Wright, Kirsten (4, 8)
Tattoos, historical language for web searching, 19th-century
Yakel, Elizabeth (1)
Diaries, religious history
Yeo, Geoffrey (3, 7)
Provenance and description of personal records, archival history of ancient world
Yao, Ping (1)
Epitaphs, China, Tang dynasty
Zboray, Mary Saracino (3)
New England manuscripts
Zboray, Ronald J. (3)
New England manuscripts
Zhang, Jane (1, 2)
Handwriting, colonial America
Susan Palmer and others at iCHORA 1


[1] Terry Cook, “The Archive(s) Is a Foreign Country: Historians, Archivists, and the Changing Archival Landscape”, The American Archivist 74: 2 (2011): 600-632, 623, freely available at The American Archivist.

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