New Co-Editor for Archival History News: Dr. Nathan Saunders

I am happy to announce that Dr. Nathan Saunders has volunteered to join me as co-editor for the coming year, through July 2019. He will participate in the enhancement of this newsletter. I will let him introduce himself to all of you.

 Eric Stoykovich, co-editor AHN (2017-2019)


I want to thank Eric and the Archival History Section Steering Committee for giving me this opportunity to connect with other professionals, encourage a deeper understanding of the history behind our work, grow this already excellent newsletter, and develop my own skills as an editor. I have frequently consulted the resources available at Archival History News over the last few months, and so I am excited to become a part of this effort.

Dr. Nathan Saunders, Associate Director for Library Specialized Collections, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

I developed an interest in archival history during both my graduate studies in history at the University of South Carolina and my time as Head of Collections at South Caroliniana Library. The collection at South Caroliniana is over a hundred years old, and is housed in a library built in 1840. My current position at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, which I have held since 2017, allows me to see a different side of archival history as I now work at a relatively young University in a relatively old city. The study of the history of collecting manuscripts and records is as expansive as the study of history itself, and I am looking forward to exploring together all of the different ways we can we can explain and explore how our profession has changed over the centuries.

In addition to my interests in the history or archives and the southern United States, I am also interested in the history of religion and, as a former high school teacher, the history of education. Feel free to contact with questions about the newsletter, or just to talk about archives and history.

Nathan Saunders, co-editor AHN (2018-2019)

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