Quotable History – 1775

Jean Guillaume de Chevrières, Le Nouvel Archiviste; Contenant une nouvelle methode de ranger un chartrier dont l’ordre chronologique est la base (Paris, 1775)

“Mettre dans un Chartrier un ordre qui dure éternellement, sans que personne le maintienne, est une chose aussi impossible que de faire une Montre qui aille perpétuellement sans jamais être montée: cependant on peut dire que chaque Archiviste approche plus ou moins de ce point de perfection, à proportion de la bonté de son système.” (pp. 14-15)

To put an archive in an order that lasts eternally, without anyone maintaining it, is a thing as impossible as making a watch that goes perpetually without ever being mounted; however, we can say that each archivist approaches this point of perfection more or less in proportion to the goodness of his system.

Translation of Title Page:
The New Archivist; containing a new method of storing a chartrier of which chronological order is the base;
To which has been joined Calculations & Tables, to assist in the computation of Times, necessary to Archivists, and to those who practice Chronology.
By the Sieur de Chevrières, Keeper of the Archives of His Most Serene Highness Monseigneur the Prince of Monaco
Pauciloqua veritas. (Truth is laconic.)

In Paris:
• The Author’s, rue des Cordeliers, facing rue Haute-Feuille
• Cailleau, Printer-Bookseller, rue S. Severin, facing the walls of the Church
• Lacombe, Bookseller, rue Christine.
• Widow Duchesne, Bookseller, rue S. Jacques, at the Temple du Goût
With the Approval and Privilege of the King.

Translations courtesy of Craig Harman

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