AHS Archival History Article Award

Do you know of a recent article that excels in the field of archival history? Find information regarding the Archival History Section’s Archival History Article award and criteria for nominations.

Purpose and Criteria for Selection:

This prize encourages and rewards an article or other short piece of superior excellence in the field of archival history, irrespective of subject, time period, or national focus. Stand-alone chapters in edited essay collections or anthologies will be considered.


The author(s) of an article published in English during the previous calendar year (e.g. the award for 2019 will honor articles published between January 1 and December 31, 2018).

Submission Requirements:

Entries should be published and contain at least 5,000 words. Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations (or self-nominations) should include:

  • A full citation of the nominated work.
  • An explanation of how the nominated item meets the criteria of the award.
  • A description of the outstanding characteristics of this work.

Sponsor and Funding:

The Archival History Section



Selection Committee:

Papers will be judged in a review by a subcommittee of the Archival History Section. The subcommittee will consist of the current chair of the Archival History Section and two other members of the AHS steering committee. The chair of the Archival History Section serves as the chair of the subcommittee.

Nomination Deadline:

All considerations or nominations shall be submitted by May 31, 2019.

Please send nominations to Alex H. Poole at ahp56@drexel.edu.










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