Multiple Winners of 2020 Archival History Award: Melanie Shell-Weiss and Greg Weideman

At the August 12th meeting of the Archival History Section (of the Society of American Archivists), the 2020 Archival History Award was given to two equally deserving articles: Melanie Shell-Weiss, Grand Valley State University for "Good Intentions: Grappling with Legacies of Conflict and Distrust Surrounding a Native American Oral History Project One Generation Later" Oral... Continue Reading →

Quotable History

"Archivists often fail to benefit from our own archives' histories and stories. ...History helps us to understand where specific technologies came from so we can better understand how to use and evolve them; to understand the evolution of our archival principles and practice; and to know ourselves." Nancy Y. McGovern, SAA Presidential Address, Portland, Oregon,... Continue Reading →

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