Archival History News is edited by Co-Editors Dr. Nathan Saunders and Dr. Eric Stoykovich, who will serve in this volunteer capacity from June 2018 until at least July 2019. Natalie Worsham, a student intern of the Society of American Archivists selected to work with the Archival History Section until August 2019, supports editorial and web development.


Nathan Saunders

Nathan Saunders is an Associate Director of the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Randall Library, with responsibility over University Archives and Special Collections. He works closely with staff in these areas to grow and make available the library’s holdings related to the history of Southeast North Carolina and the University.

Before coming to UNC Wilmington, Nathan was Head of Collections at the University of South Carolina’s South Caroliniana Library from 2014 until 2017. He holds a Ph.D. in American History from the University of South Carolina (2015). Before working in Archives, Nathan taught high school history in North and South Carolina.


Eric Stoykovich

Eric Stoykovich is currently a Historical Manuscripts Project Archivist in Special Collections at the University of Maryland libraries. He helps increase the visibility and accessibility of archives and manuscripts which concern the history and culture of the state of Maryland, including those which document political movements, social history, and family genealogy. The Baltimore News American collection, the Spiro T. Agnew Papers (Gubernatorial, Vice-Presidential, and Personal Papers’ series), and the National Trust Library for Historic Preservation are among the collections he has helped process during the past two years.

Between 2013 and 2017, he served on the Steering Committee of SAA’s Archival History Roundtable, leading that group as Chair in 2016-2017 during its 30th anniversary. His article “Public Records in War: Toward an Archival History of the American Civil War” was recently published in The American Archivist 80:1 (Spring/Summer 2017). He holds a PhD in American History from the University of Virginia (2009) and an MLS with Archives Concentration from the University of Maryland (2013). Having previously worked for a nonprofit, the federal government, and private industry in a varied career, he has been a Certified Archivist (ACA) since 2013.

SAA Intern:

Natalie Worsham

Natalie Worsham (Louisiana State University) began her year-long internship with the Archival History Section in August 2018. Natalie lives in New Orleans and is currently pursuing the dual degree Master of Library and Information Science with a Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies at Louisiana State University, with an expected graduation in December 2019. She is involved with the SAA student chapter at LSU. She holds a Master’s Degree in History from Southeastern Louisiana University (2014). On Saturdays, she volunteers at The Historic New Orleans Collection as a cataloguer in the archive. She enjoys scholarly writing and hopes to contribute an article in The American Archivist one day. Working with the editors of Archival History News, she hopes to gain insight into the archival profession and learn how to combine her two loves of history and archives.

Editorial Consultants: Archival History News is supported in its goal of high-quality content through the editorial assistance of volunteer consultants, who may conduct single-blind peer reviews, depending on the complexity of the topic or languages involved in some articles.