iCHORA Bibliography: Works published from iCHORA papers

This iCHORA Bibliography, 2005-2016 compiles over 60 iCHORA presentations which have later taken published form as articles in journals or, as in some cases, within a book. It is compiled with reference to iCHORA 1-6, publication links, and Engaging with Records and Archives: Histories and Theories (Facet Publishing: London, 2016), Table of Contents. Alexander, Ben.... Continue Reading →

A Rare Palace: Houghton Library at 75

Houghton Library at 75: A Celebration of its Collections (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017), xii + 116 pages. Envisioned as an “enchanted palace” by Harvard librarian Archibald Cary Coolidge in 1924, Houghton Library opened in 1942 with steel, bricks, and mortar, as well as a donation of stock in the Corning Glass Works from... Continue Reading →

Return: Translated Works in The American Archivist

Editor of The American Archivist, Gregory S. Hunter, explains in the most recent issue that “English-speaking archivists have much to learn from the professional literature of other nations.”[1] Indeed, since the 1940s, translations have graced the pages of The American Archivist. In 1941, the medieval philologist and ‘Monuments Man’ Lester K. Born presented “Baldassare Bonifacio... Continue Reading →

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